My Movies: Introduction

I believe it is always best to give an introduction to a new project, lay all the ground work out so I wont have to go over it again in each post.  This section will fall under the category “My Movies”  and is as the title suggests an account of all the movies good or bad that I have watched.  I first started this venture back in early 2012 and alot of what you will see is all still up on my old tumbler account.  Coming back to it now I will be dragging across some of the movies I watched back then and adding in all of the rest to come!  The rule as before is even if I watch it two or three times I’m gonna write about it!  Movie reviews are all over the internet, I know there really is nothing original about what I’m doing!  Its really a little experiment just post up what I’m watching and my opinions on them.  God knows how you all will rate my opinions or the movies I choose to watch, I seem to like loads of movies people hate and hate the ones people love!    Check back in and have a peek at what I have to say!  In time this post may become the title  l page header but for now its left as a simple introduction.


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