The first post is always the hardest.  It is a phrase that I  have used at the beginning of every blog, journal and now website that I have kept  through the many years of my life.  I have kept more than a few blogs over the years and this website will aim to combine them all.  My aim is to start off and allow the blog to just grow, for it to be organic.  this will mean it could get messy but as the category’s grow I will endeavour to get a dedicated page to bring them all together, lists of my top favourite things,  my ramblings about the events of the day and of yesteryear. The movies I watch wither I have loved or hated.  The books I have read am reading and want to read!   There will me more than a few grumps (rants) if you know anything about me already is that I enjoy to be grumpy (sometimes) and of course everything to do with Edgar!  It will be a work in progress and the best way to follow it all is to just check back here and see what’s been posted up but use the links along the menu to jump to a specific topic, it all will hopefully come together.  If you enjoy please do get in touch and let me know or follow me if that’s an option.  i would also in time like to have a friends of the show section which will link you to blogs that I enjoy.


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