2001: A Space Odyssey

A Space Odyssey is one of those movies that I wish I had of been able to see on the big screen, how it was intended to be seen. A large astounding visual experience with a blasting sound followed by the deeper silences. However since it was released fourteen years before I was born I had little chance in that, so I will make do with my DVD that is until I can ether get it on Blu-ray or track it down at the cinema. Its also the sorta movie that i think would translate well into 3D, some scenes in it would look amazing! There is not too much going on so i think the 3D would stand out  or rather immerse you more inside the movie which in my opinion would make this movie even more amazing.

To any or most people that have seen it I think you will agree with me that the main feeling it leaves you with is “what the hell was that all about?” Its more poetic and in many ways more of a ballet or a opera than it is a movie. It could be the soundtrack making me feel that way, classical and orchestrated. On screen there is just so much to look at, more than just what your main focus should be. I think that realism is true to all Kubrick’s works, not that I’m an authority on the matter. It’s the little things I noticed watching it again, how the satellites on the spaceship are facing backwards for best reception from earth, only noticed that this time round. Another thing I thought about was the visual effects, Zero gravity and the scenes where they are running along the walls for exercise, all done before special effects! There is also a early ipad in it lol about a hour in ( 57 min just checked). In the sense of a story it sort of unfolds and just leaves the interpretation up to you. Loads of movies do this now, to spark chatter with audiences but remember Kubrick was doing this years before the internet. I am sure will get letters now telling me exactly how I am wrong and that I’m talking utter bollox but it’s what I think.

Why did I choose this movie, because its quite, the action is more of a suspense that builds up and up rather than explodes on the screen with gunfire. You can just watch it and switch off, take your time with it, enjoy the visuals and the stillness of it all. The rest of the evening is spent pondering what it all was about! I would really recommend having a watch of this if you haven’t already, and if you have watch it again!

MY Rating: B+
Format: DVD
I own this Move
Artwork by: Guillaume Vasseur


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