Day Trip: Edinburgh Zoo

Today Clare and I had a day trip to Edinburgh Zoo.  It was my first time at Edinburgh Zoo and Clare’s first since she was a child so it was really amazing to have our first visit together!  I love zoos always have since i was a kid.  I still have fond and vivid memory’s of running around Belfast Zoo with my little brother and cousins.  There is loads to see at Edinburgh Zoo!  Our first stop was the Chilean Flamingo’s where there was a troop of baby ones that are nearly totally red in colour!  The monkey trail was next on our stop where we got to see quite possibly the most grumpy faced monkeys ever.   We waved at them and they came over!

The photo on the left shows the Eastern White Pelicans.  Massive big birds! Never actually thought they where so big!  Clare is staring it out!

Traveling all through the zoo was a right old walk. Clare fell in love with the monkeys. The smaller the better. She wanted one to bring home so it could be set on Edgar’s back and trained to tell people not to touch!

The gibbons jumping about looked mental they seemed to be constantly falling but it was the Squirrel and Capuchin Monkeys that where the cutest.  Right up at the glass and looking out. They had wee necklaces on them too which i guess is to keep track of them should they escape.  made them look like little hippy’s!

Most of the big cats, Tigers and Lions where sleeping which was sad but we did get to go in see the Koala bears.  I have never seen a Koala before and they are much bigger than I had expected. I also did not know that they slept most of the day so we where lucky to see one being active!  It was a long long old trek up the hills past the Zebras and Hog Deer but it was well worth it to see all of them.  The Giant Anteaters looked mental, we also got to see a Rhino lifting a huge tire with its horn!

We saved the best for last!  Penguins Rock!  The photo to the right shows me posing with a Rockhopper Penguin.  The Penguins where so cool, walking about in wee rows and chilling out with their wings open soaking up the sun, cool looking dudes!  This one looks like hes thinking what the hell is this bald guy at!

It was a really fun day trip up at the zoo.  Long and tiring walk but more than worth every step.  I would definitely recommend a visit if you are near by or ever come to visit town! Prices I’m showing include a 10% donation which i was more than happy to pay .

  • Adult £16.00
  • Child £11.50
  • Concession £13.50

Remember visit the gift shop before you leave, there is loads to check out. We bought Edgar a t-shirt  and I grabbed one for myself too a red one with a panda on it!   Check out all that is going on at the Edinburgh Zoos Blog.  Hope you enjoyed this little post of our outing!


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