Pitch Black

They say most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep, all but the primitive side… the animal side. No wonder I’m still awake – Riddick .  This gruffly spoken opening monologue combined with a vast ship in interstellar space is what immediately thrilled and hooked me to  the rest of the movie.

The plot of Pitch Black is pretty straightforward,  A space transport crashes on an apparently deserted planet, leaving the crew stranded with Richard B. Riddick(Vin Diesel), a serial murderer who was being transported to a maximum security prison. The true threat to the crew turns out not to be Riddick but a virtual sky full of flying, flesh-eating creatures who come out to play under the protection of darkness.

The nice thing about it is that it does not encumber itself with an extensive heavy back story or explaining the technology.  It just allows the audience to figure it out and any history about Riddick is relayed by the characters so there is no time wasting with flashbacks that a lot of movies tend to go in for.  The creatures in this movie are also very interesting. You don’t get a really good look at them until about two thirds of the way through. The cast is strong with solid acting, no Oscar performances but it doesnt need to be.  William J. Johns (Cole Hauser, A Good Day To Die Hard) escorting Riddick to prison.  Carolyn Fry(Radha Mitchell, Finding Neverland)  a survivor of the ship’s crew.  Abu ‘Imam’ al-Walid (Gamer) a Muslim cleric who tries to protect the people’s lives and souls and  Sharon ‘Shazza’ Montgomery ( Claudia Black, Stargate) to name a few!

Its pure unadulterated fun, loads of action and kick ass one lines.  The comedy is fun and not just there for a cheap laugh.  I think it is a great, from the opening shot to the end of the credits you will be entertained.  It gets a extra bump up the scale for having a bald lead actor!

My Rating: C
Format: DVD
I own this Move


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