Edgar: An Introduction

Edgar is our little miniature schnauzer who has a giant personality. Born on the 30th October 2012 Edgar is an inquisitive, mischievous, energetic and friendly dog who is full of love!  This section of the blog is dedicated totally to all of Edgar’s antics!  Everything that the little hound gets up to will be documented here!  Check back for all the story’s and believe me there are loads, I will be working through a years worth of old ones never mind what else he will get up to.  I will break down things into his favourite things, what he loves and what he doesn’t and of course all the photos!

There is so much to tell about this wee puppy he is nearly a year old so allot of the back story and photos will be filled in like I said as we go.  The photo shown here is Edgar at seven and a half months and he looks so dignified and proper.  There is so so many more saved and even more yet to be snapped not all of them will show him at his charming best but all will show how beautiful and loving our wee puppy is!

Anything you want to know about Edgar? Just ask us!  It would be amazing to get some questions.  I am hoping to get a friends of Edgar section going in the future so if you wanna be a friend of Edgar just send a photo of your pet in and I will pop him on the site!  I will be adding as much as possible at every chance I get so you all will know everything about his very soon!


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