The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element, one of the coolest Si-Fi movies of the 90’s and undeniably the most fashionable Luc Besson creates the world of the 23 century with the perfect combination of production design, special effects, costumes and an over-active imagination. The CGI is limited in the film, sure we have the spaceships and the flying cars but that gave way for the more practical effects like bullets rather than lasers!  Kind of sets it apart makes it more brutal!  There is comedy in here too and just the right amount to keep it from turning into a complete farce, doesn’t take itself too seriously really.

The story… well basically every 5000 years or so a huge ball of evil hurls itself towards earth with noting more in mind but destroying every thing, luckily we have our good guys on hand to save the day! Corbin Dallas (Bruce Willis), a highly decorated space marine turned cabby teams up with our supreme being “Lee Loo” (Milla Jovovih),  a funky old priest (Ian Holm) and a really annoying talk show host Ruby Rohd played amazingly by Chris Tucker!  Our hero’s run around the galaxy trying to find 4 sacred stones or “elements” which when combined with the Fifth element will save the world from destruction.  Hot on there heels we have Zorg (Gary Oldman) who is in cahoots with our ultimate evil and wants the stones for himself! So add that all up throw in some ugly ass Troll monsters a short scene with Lee Evans and last but not least Milla Jovovih throwing herself off a building wearing nothing more than carefully placed bandages and we have The Fifth Element.

Why did i choose this movie, well for a number of reasons.  First of all I just bought it on blue ray, secondly I was in a Burce Willis Si-Fi movie mood and third Milla Jovovih running around wearing nothing more than carefully placed bandages!!  Seriously its a cool funky Si-Fi movie really enjoyable.  Has a comic book feeling to the way its laid out with narrative being shared by different characters across different scenes. It has its quirks, its absurd in many places and the broader story is a little weak but over all I think its class and I think you will enjoy!

My Rating: B+
Format: Blu-Ray
I Own This Movie
Artwork by: Travis English


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