Rango, a loveable pet chameleon living the comfortable life as a family pet in his terrarium. A natural born actor Rango spends his days directing his own life with his troupe of actors a headless Barbie doll, wind-up fish toy and a dead cockroach, with no worry’s at all other than figuring out his place inside his own wee story. That is until fate steps in and whirls our lizard friend into the gritty, western, gun-slinging town of Dirt and onto a spiritual quest to find himself, and the hero inside!

With anamation its always fun to try and place the voices, Johnny Depp’s name is on the billing poster so no surprise there but the rest sorta just come to you. what i like is when you realize who it is you start to see them in the character. If you want the fun of doing this for yourself just skip to the next paragraph! Seriously it may spoin it so skip if you dont wanna know„, Last chance… ok. Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic) plays our only other lizard Beans, Alfred (Dr. Otto Octavius from Spiderman 2) plays Roadkill, Bill Nigthy is our evil Rattlesnake Jake and our low center of gravity headbutting cockney Ray Winstone is bad bill.

Why did I choose this movie, well I was in the mood for some light fun animation, and I needed something that was more believable than Ghost Protocol, talking western animals seemed to the best choice. I really enjoyed it its fun and easy going. What you get out of the near two hour movie is comedy, action, adventure animation along with some deliberately un-cute critters and a really feel good feeling! Rango has a lot more to offer adults than kids, in fact some scenes are just outright scary when you loom at them and the jokes are more tuned in to adult humour that thankfully kids wouldn’t get I would recommend it is your next choice for a animation movie! The whole thing is just wonderfully odd

My Rating: C+
Format: Download Itunes
I would buy this Movie
Artwork by: Tom Whalen


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