X-Men: First Class

X- Men First Class, the second prequel to the original trilogy which is set before the first prequel Origins: Wolverine, ok take your time to wrap your hear around that. It takes us back to the beginning of the marvel mythology to when Professor X was Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) a partying 60’s college student using his powers to get laid and Magneto was Eric Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) a young man troubled by his holocaust childhood and filled with fury and revenge. I don’t want to go too much into the story and spoil it for you but it ‘ right back to basics of the X-Men story and putting a new spin on world events.

It smashes out of the screen from the very start, with cleaver editing of ordinal footage introducing the terrifying ordeals of Eric Lensherr at the hands of the natzi Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) in striking contrast with the privileges upbringing of Charls Xavier. It has a darker feeling that grips you from the start and doesn’t linger too much, focusing only the important childhood moments. The story really focuses on the friendship of Xavier and Lensherr, the rest of the characters definitely do not get the same level of attention which I think is a lesson learned from previous movies and keeps the whole movie centered. Director Matthew Vaughn does an amazing job of rebooting the franchise and having Bryan Singer on hand producing it keeps it close to the feel of the original trilogy.

Why did I choose this movie, I missed it at the cinema and have been wanting to get it watched for a while. Make no mistake, it’s a triumph of a movie with all the same action and special effects wizardry that we all have come to expect from a X-men movie. It does not have the bald guy in it but I cant fault it for that!  If your a fan of the comics yes you will complain and slabber about it and if you take all the movies as a whole you will notice inconsistencies but if you want my advice just ignore all of that and enjoy the flippin movie for what it is, which is just over two hours of our mutant heroes trying to prevent world war 3!

My Rating: C+
Format: Blu-ray
I own this Movie


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