Casino Royale

I found this to be imposable to set down. I First read Casino Royale last Christmas. and it was recommended to me by a University friend Jonathan Payne.  I bought it at the airport for some reading while I waited for my flight and found I had it read by the time I got home. There is a directness in Fleming’s words that takes you immediately there, right into the glamour and danger filled world of secret agent James Bond 007.

We all know the name and number, (forgive me for that) but this as Fleming s first work does little in the way of a long drawn out back story, which is something that I loved about it.  Instead it focus’s more on the mission at hand and generally stating the facts about the profession without going deep.  Fleming does however describe Bond, James Bond to every minute detail and insincerity of his character. I still imagined Craig as I was reading but as our Bond was described that image faded away into the deeply described picture of Fleming s Bond.

I loved this first delve into the world of bond that until now I have only witnessed via the films.  It is a pretty dark wee adventure at the core and set up for so much more!  The very fact that so much of what is to come is left out makes you want to grab the next book.  It also keeps it relatively short which again is good.  Its snappy witty and direct with action darkness and slick spy moments in perfect balance.  If your a bond fan give this a read, there is allot for you to enjoy and will have you turning page after page to get to the end!


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