Lagavulin 16

Lagavulin 16 year old  was my first introduction to Scotch whisky and has been for the longest time my very favourite single malt whisky.  The fact now is that I find it hard to pick an absolute clear favourite but it is definitely in the Top Five!  It was only by chance that I even got this bottle.  I actually got this for £5  about Ten years ago when I worked in Sainsburys.  Due to some sort of  stock issue a case had been left gathering dust in the warehouse and the manager authorized it to be sold to staff on the cheap as it was not on the system and could not be sold to the public. Believe it or not it is true!

 Lagavulin 16 is a beautiful bronze-amber in colour, and its nose that is one of the smokiest from all of Islay. It is a very concentrated and aromatic malt with sweet spices, good mature sherry and creamy vanilla notes along with that big smouldering smoke that is both peaty and a rich with a deep sweetness.  Full bodied and thick palate with strong barley-malt flavours that are warming with intense flavours of peat and oak.  This all combines with a long, lingering, smooth and delightful finish that you can savoir.   Truly crafted to perfection with love care and attention going into every drop.

It is a unique and classic Islay Malt that is so smooth and peaty that is an absolute pleasure to enjoy.  A bottle will set you back anywhere between £45 and £55 so it does pay off to shop around,but it is worth every penny.  Continually best in its class with awards such as IWSC Gold (Best in Class) 2011, IWSC Gold Outstanding 2012 and IWSC Gold 2013. It is he best entry level malt from Islay in my opinion. Considerably softer than its rivals. A most balanced masterpiece.

Malt: #1


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