Badman’s Reviews

I stumbled upon this YouTube channel and was instantly hooked!  This guy Badman reviews video games, as the title suggests! Not only does he have an amazing informative and funny show but it is set up with style.  From the introductory credits sequence to the overlay of the video games throughout the review its a absolute joy to watch.  I have been all over Twitter and Facebook about him and texting my mates to have a look at the site!  I don’t subscribe to all that much on YouTube but I instantly clicked that button with this show.  The guy knows his stuff but it does not preach to the audience, in fact its just his take on it and does point that out.  Loads of what he talks about I agree with. He is funny, doesn’t take himself serious and has a laugh while talking about his favourite thing.. Video Games.

Have a click on the image and it will take you to his YouTube channel.  My favourite episodes that I would suggest you check out if nothing else are:

Badman Reviews – Majora’s Mask & Its Immersion

Badman’s Top 10 – Favourite Video Games

Badman’s Top 10 – Creepy Urban Legends in Gaming


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