Edgar’s Favourite Things: The Vet

EdgarThe vet – You would assume most dogs would hate the vet, but not Edgar. He loves the vet! We don’t know what it is about the vet but he cannot contain is excitement when he goes in. As a puppy he is in more regularly for check ups, jabs, worming and micro-chipping. He also had to go in to get two puppy teeth pulled when they would not fall out. He struts in with his tail and bum waggling with his excitement and likes to get to see all the other animals and this is when we found out he loves cats. When with the vet his is always quiet and well behaved, even when getting jabs which totally surprised the vet as most young puppies in their surgery cry at jabs.  On his last visit when getting puppy teeth pulled he as given a sedative and was put under – but when he woke up after his surgery his tail was still determined to wag even though he couldn’t walk without a swagger. Everyone at the surgery loves him

Check out more about Edgar at his own wee Blog on Stuff Our Dog Does


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