Commando, a movie packed with an absurd amount of over the top action, hard-core, brutal and unmotivated violence with a host of classic witty one liners crammed in for good measure. Its basically the best parts of every mental 80s action movie ever made all stuffed into 90 minutes of awesomeness. I sadly do not have the directors cut which is even more insane with bloodier deaths and decapitations with garden tools but i will keep my eye out for it! Im gonna put this out there and just say it Commando should be re-released to the big screen. I think it would make a bomb! Done right possibly as a series of older movies from Schwarzenegger the hype could generate a clut following for the old 80s action flicks!

John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) the retired military commando and mountainous hero has what seems is the perfect life with his daughter (Alyssa Milano) but this blissful life is to be short lived. The days of feeding baby deer together, chopping wood like a rugged outdoors-man and going for ice cream and frolicking in the swimming pool is all to be short lived. As they sit down together for a snack John takes a bite from his sandwich and asks his daughter “what is in this?” Jenny replies “you don’t wanna know” and that’s it boom the bad guys come and steal her away before we ever find out what is in that sandwich! Thats the rest of the movie right there, John Matrix going mad crazy killing, blowing up and running through anything that gets in the way of him rescuing his daughter. It was released a few months after Rambo II and sticks the finger up at it with lines like “I eat green berets for breakfast”

Why did i choose this movie, because i was in the mood for some mental awesome 80’s action! Its 101 kills and it is not a rounded figure no seriously 101 bad guys are shot, dropped off cliffs, had there necks bust, heads chopped of with gardening tools or stabbed through the chest with a pole to let off some steam, its a lean 90 miniutes of over the top bloodthirsty action packed slaughterfest! Go find it and become that 8 year old kid again running around pretending to be Arnie with a gun for a stick!

My Rating: A
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie
Artwork by:  Alex Kittle


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