Rush is a biographical sports drama film directed by Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan about the 1976 Formula One season and the rivalry between drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl).  Its a total spectacular film, the best film by far that I have see all year.  I was completely blown away by it.  I always find reviewing a film that I have enjoyed because I don’t want to spoil it, but I will give it a go as best I can.

The rivalry between Hunt and Lauder is just played brilliantly, the race sequences are superb, the story and character arc the whole way this plays out is just beautiful.  It starts at the opening of the German Grand Prix in Nurburgring in 1976 showing a rivalry that is already in place between Hunt and Lauda then jumps back to the beginning, the beginning of each drivers story.  We see how they each started in Formula 3 and work their way up the rivalry growing with the skill.  We see their lives both very different in outlook and approach to the profession.  This grows and weaves the story togeather until we reach the past of the story that we began with in Nurburgring in 1976.  This is the point where the movie, if the pun can be forgiven, hits it up a gear.  The best part of the movie is how genuine the relationship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda becomes, the passion both these drives have is eminence and just because they are rivals does not necessary mean they do not respect each other.  It also does not concentrate on the action of the driving more the drama.  Another focus is family, the story of Hunts relationship with Suzy Miller (Olivia Wilde) and Laudas with his wife Marlene Lauda (Alexandra Maria Lara) are as different as the drivers outlook towards racing.  The climax of the movie if you can call it that is not something that smashes into the screen but rather the realization of just how much this movie will touch you.

Why did I choose this movie, well I didn’t it was my friend Matthew (last name withheld for security reasons) suggested it and I went along with the decision.  I went to see this film not knowing anything about it, in fact I thought it was some sort of Fast and Furious big “Hollywood” type movie,  I cannot tell you how happily surprised I was.  I’m not into Formula 1 or any sort of racing fan by a long shot but with a running time of 123 minutes long I would of happily sat on and watched it again, that’s how good it is.  Its a definite must see!

My Rating: A*
Format: Cinema (Cineworld: Edinburgh)
I Would Buy This Movie


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