Edgars Favourite Things: Walkies

Walkies – of course very dog likes their walks but we thought we would share Edgar’s favourite walkabouts with you. Edgar’s favourite walk is along the canal because gets to see lots of people, other dogs and the ducks. The walk takes him off the canal and down through the park where he gets to make friends and meet lots of children. He has a fondness for children but not prams which makes it funny when he hesitates as the whether or not it is worth introducing himself.

He also likes to walk by flats and houses, especially when older folk live in them as Edgar’s two most favourite kinds of people are old ladies and children. Edgar may have a fondness for people, but he has a special fondness for the lady dogs – usually when Edgar meets a male dog he gets very, very excited and playful (which the older ones hate) but when he meets a lady dog.. Suave Edgar comes out and he becomes cool and collected. Edgar also likes to carry sticks but we are very careful when he carries them to make sure he does not hurt himself! Sticks can be a little bit tricky for puppies to pick up!

Why not find out more about Edgar at his own wee Blog on Stuff Our Dog Does


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