Grumps: Pedestrians #1

You know who I’m talking about those halfits who intentionally take up the whole footpath, who saunter about like they own the whole damn street and us mere commoners must wait behind them or cross the road to get past… I loathe them! I have put #1 as there ate many different types of these assholes in the world and to talk about all of them at once will send me into a rage rather than a grump!

The first and most despicable type of ignorant pedestrian to focus your hatred towards in my opinion are the halfwit  families who walk four abreast across the path and expect the rest of us to dodge around them.  I spotted one of these knuckle dragging apes today, the sorta man who’s married his cousin and the offspring look like the rejects from some backwater circus freak show. He seriously got on my nerves as I was trapped walking behind him, totally expecting me to move onto the road rather than have his troupe of misfortunates make way. He noticed me rightly as I first tried to get past on the inside to no avail, then through the middle until I was blocked off. Ignorant bastard. It would not be half as bad if they walked at a pace that wasn’t so close to reverse. I guess walking and breathing is too much for the tiny minded fool. So with a loud “excuse me” that may as well of been “fucking move” on my part I got past. Seriously have some courtesy for your fellow pedestrian and give way. I’m not against a leisurely stroll but some of us have places to be so move the fuck over when you know you’re in the way or go to a park… or try the road!


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