Office Space

Office space, a movie about Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) a lonely and depressed guy who goes to work every day and really hates what he does. Pretty much like we all do really. Peter hates his job more than anything. Pretty much like we all do really. At one point, he admits, “Each day of work is progressively worse than the day before, so every time you see me, that’s the worst day of my life.” Pretty much like.. hang on am I repeating myself here? Any way as if being stuck in stuck in rush hour traffic every day and having your co-workers tell you constantly that you look tired frustrated and fed up wasn’t bad enough you have Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole) as your boss. Imagine a droning and unemotional fusion of every awful manager you have ever had and your pretty close to what this guy is. Poor Peter hoping to change his hatred of work decides to see a hypnotherapist. Bad luck continues as while in session the hypnotherapist dies, leaving him in an unusual state of relaxation. I say bad luck but actually its the single greatest thing that could happen to the poor sod.

The rest of the movie from here is Peter not giving a crap about anything, not his rubbish girlfriend or crappy house and especially not his job. “I think it would just be fun to get fired,” and that’s pretty much our movie tagline! Its a movie that pretty much sums up what we all hate about our jobs and what we all wish we had the stones to do. in fact I’m starting to take it as a mission statement of just how to go live your life, screw it if there is no jobs and we are rolling into another recession, ditch it all in screw “occupy” and all that crap lets just all act like dicks they cant sack all of us… rant over!

Why did I choose this movie, I have been off work a week and have still been plagued with phone calls that had no reason behind them but to im sure piss me off, I am not looking forwards to going back and part of me is taking this movie as a dare to do exactly what Peter did! Its not the strongest of plots and it doesn’t have to be realy. If you have ever worked a day in your life you will find something to laugh about in this movie. God knows where you will get it ive never seen it in video shops but if you can find it watch it on a Sunday, have a drink before work Monday, and make the rest of your week insane.

My Rating: C
Format: Download
I would not buy this Movie
Artwork By: Bill Pyle


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