Old Pulteneny 12yo

Old Pulteney is the northernmost distillery in mainland scotland.  The distillery is in the harbour town of Wick which and thus you can expect some maritime notes.  Old Pulteney being situated within a town is a trait shared with only a few distilleries. Old Pulteney is the embodiment of history, people and place: the Maritime Malt.

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old is a deep amber with a slight pink hue on the eye, the Nose is just up from medium on the intensity level, over all dry dry with a hint of the Wick  sea air, where of course this malt was born! Mostly dry palate, medium bodied and smooth with just a hint of a spicy pop at the back of the throat.  Followed by  a clean finish that’s faintly salty with a slight sherry note.

I was actually lucky enough to taste this up at the actual distillery itself along with the 17YO and 21Yo which I will talk about another time.  I will be honest the 12 year old for  as great as it is, and it is a stunning malt, winner of gold medals galore, for me it is not a malt I would go for right away, that spicy kick puts me off.  That being said a dash of water opens up the malt and smooth’s off that kick somewhat.. A bottle will set you back anywhere between £26 and £31 so it will do to shop around!

Malt #3


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