Live and Let Die

I found that once I started reading Live and Let Die two things started happening. The first was I kept singing the theme tune over in my head and the second was I kept picturing Roger Moore as James Bond as I was reading. I guess having watched the movie a good hundred times will have some influence. The thing is the movie is only a whisper of the book, in fact if your a fan of the movies you will find elements of Dr. No, Licence to Kill, Thunderball and The Spy who Loved Me throughout. This I found to be kinda cool!

The story continues about six months after the events in Casino Royale, Bond getting back on game and determined to find and hunt down any members of smerch. M sends him on a mission to do just that by taking down a criminal boss called Mr Big, who uses voodoo and the threat of the zombie king Baron Samedi to control his suspicious followers!

 You will read the word negro and nigger a lot in the book but I didn’t find it to be purposely offensive or racist. it is true that the villains fall back on racial stereotypes but we have to remember when this was written. Fleming was from my knowledge fascinated by the African American culture, so try not to judge too harsh. It is full of vivid detail, Fleming does have a gift for narrative but for me it lacked some depth and darkness that I thought Casino Royale had. Still worth a read and you 007 fans will find plenty to enjoy!


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