Top Five: Doctor Who Enemies

I find it fitting that on today, The Day of the Doctor, I lay out my Top Five: Doctor Who Enemies.  Later on this evening the 50th Anniversary show will be aired and everything we know is set to change!  Over the past 50 years The Doctor has faced many many terrible foes. The following are my Top Five!

(5) The Great Intelligence: The Great Intelligence has no physical form and thus relied on possession of living creatures to manipulate its environment. It existed on the astral plane and could enter the people it encountered. It allowed Padmasambhava to live over 300 years while he created the Robot Yeti and it also reanimated dead bodies like Staff Sergeant Arnold. It has considerable mental powers such as mind control and can even mentally attack the Doctor, causing him great pain, and travel through time and space. The Great Intelligence could also manifest itself in simple forms such as a slime that glow brightly, a dense fog that consumed anything that enter it, and a poisonous web that can trap the Doctor’s TARDIS and could not be destroyed by chemicals, explosives, and flamethrowers.  The Great Intelligence first appeared in 1967 as an foe of the second incarnation of the doctor and then nothing more was heard of it  for 46 years. It Finally revealed  itself to the the eleventh doctor as the entity thats been working all that time behind the scenes to destroy the doctor.  The Great Intelligence lay quietly scheming and attacking The Doctor from the shadows, never letting him know that it was him, thats a real enemy, the one you dont know whos behind it

(4) Vashta Nerada: Vashta Nerada meaning “the shadows that melt the flesh” now if thats not scary i don’t know what is!  Vashta Nerada occur naturally on most planets in small clusters, not unlike the dust particles sometimes seen in sunbeams. While small swarms pose no threat and survive on dead animals, large swarms could strip a creature to its bare bones in milliseconds. The Vashta Nerada live in the darkness and mimic the shadows, a microscopic enemy that can only communicate by reanimating the remains of the dead now thats a scary advisory.  The Vashta Nerada are also extremely hard if not impossible to kill. Even the spores that lived in trees that were later smashed down into pulp to make paper for books where later able to hatch and swarm.  The photo on the right shows Vashta Nerada inhabiting a corps in a spacesuit in the episode “The library”.  In The Library, The Doctor encountered a planet sized swarm of Vashta Nerada, at the Library, a planet sized library whose books where printed from the forests that the Vashta Nerada once inhabited.  Vengefull the creatures began their attack on the Library. Thankfully The Doctor brokered a deal allowing the humans off the planet and leaving the Vashta Nerada in their “forests” of books.  An army of billions of microscopic life forms that live in the shadows, ready to strip the meat of your bones in seconds, now thats a emeny!

(3) The Weeping Angels: Known as “The Lonely Assassins” the Weeping Angels according to The Doctor “are as old as the universe or very nearly, but no one really knows where they come from.”  Described as the loneliest beings in the universe, since their quantum-lock reaction makes it difficult for them to socialise.  Quantum-lock meaning they turn to stone when anything looks at them.  Hence why they hold their hands to there face, for fear of looking at eachother and so forever being locked. Turned to stone while being watched you dare not blink as they can move at an incredible speeds.   It’s not clear whether all Weeping Angels resemble angel statues or if perhaps any statute could in fact be revealed as a Weeping Angel, even if it did not have an angel appearance. It has been said that statues can be infact taken over so who knows! The touch of an Angel hurls their victim back in time, allowing the Angel to feast on the potential energy of their unlived days.  The Weeping Angels always give me the spine chilling sensation of dread.  They maybe bring back childhood fears of the monster under the bed or that o so certain feeling you’re being watched in a graveyard by the statutes.  Described as the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form evolution has ever produced and that if you so much as blink your dead. Now thats an enemy

(2) The Daleks: Although the Daleks look entirely robotic, they are in fact cybernetic organisms, a biological body encased in and supported by a protective outer shell of metal armor. Daleks’ bodies have mutated so drastically from their Kaled ancestors that they have lost all humanoid appearance save for one eye and have purged every emotion except for hate, leaving them with a desire to purge the Universe of all non-Dalek life. They have been compared over the years with Nazis due to the lack of individuality, an unquestioning obedience of orders and a willingness to die for the race.   The evolution of the The Daleks has changed over the years, once only gliding and being foiled by stairs later abilities included flight and teleportation.   The Daleks are one of the most feared races in the universe and most frequent foes of the Doctor, having faced him several times in every one of his incarnations. They are the source and focus of all his fury and hate.   The most scary thing for me is that one glowing eye and the staccato harsh tone and rising inflection of the Dalek voice.  EXTERMINATE!!! The Doctor has stopped them on several occasions but somehow they just keep coming back! A race of mutant hyper intelligent beings whose only emotions are hate, now thats an enemy.

(1) The Master: A childhood friend of the Doctor, the Master was driven insane after looking into the Untempered Schism on Gallifrey at the age of eight. Like the Doctor, he fled from the Time Lord’s home planet in a stolen TARDIS. However the Master and The Doctor’s motives differ greatly. Unlike The Doctor who “makes people better” The Master as his name suggests seeks only to rule, subdue and dominate. To be overlord of all the galaxies to be “The Master”. The Doctor said that The Master went mad when at the age of eight when, as part of Time Lord initiation, he looked into Untempered Schism. The drumming in his head that apparently drove him mad was later revealed to be a signal retroactively placed in his mind by the Time Lords during the Time War. This leave the thought in my mind that what will the master do now he knows it was his own people who drove him crazy. I have always seen The Master as The Doctors ultimate nemesis. I see the relationship between them as a paradox, The Master is The Doctors enemy but also his friend, more than that he is a brother. If one wins they both lose. I think at the core they both know this and for all of their fighting I believe neither one wants to defeat the other. To me that is the greatest enemy the enemy that is a friend.

There you have it, my Top Five: Doctor Who Enemies.  This is my personal Top Five and there is so many greats that could be on the list so if someone you don’t like is on it or if someone you do like is not, get in touch via the comments section.  I would love to hear who you would of seen on your list.


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