Edgars Favourite Things: Dunkin’ for Parsley

Ok this is a old story. Edgar had two baby teeth that refused to come out and gave him very smelly breath. Clare and I Googled how to freshen a dogs breath to stop us from being sick whilst waiting for the teeth to fall out and found that parsley in water can help with the smell. What we did was rip up chunks of parsley and scatter it through the water – but Edgar had a better idea of what parsley was good for in water. He decided he had quite liked the taste of i and proceeded to dunk his face in to pick out the pieces of parsley leaving him completely soaked! In the end up we had to chop the parsley finely to stop the mess. His teeth have since been pulled and his breath has become delightfully doggy fresh again.

Why not find out more about Edgar at his own wee Blog on Stuff Our Dog Does


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