Black Sheep

The plot is simple, Al Donnelly (Tim Matheson) is running for governor of Washington State. His opponent a tough old ball buster called Governor Tracy (Christine Ebersole) is determined to win and is not scared to use any dirty tactic in the book to do so. The dirtiest tactic is picking on Als younger well meaning but accident prone brother Mike Donnelly(Chris Farley). Getting him fired from his job and framing him for arson, all to make Al look bad to the voters! So Al’s campaign hires Steve Dodds(David Spade) to keep Mike out of the trouble… but things don’t go to plan!

Right from the start, seriously the very start, two minutes in and its already painfully funny. Do you know the sort of funny that your face and ribs hurt? well thats the funny we are talking about, and it just keeps coming and coming and coming every time your catching your breath your hit with it again and again. Chris Farley just floors you with the psychical comedy and David Spades snide sarcasm plays off it well. Everyone in the movie is hilarious Gary Buseys as the crazy army vet Drake Sabitch is in itself crazy, insane and quotable… even the extras will crack you up.

Why did I choose this movie, because it holds that nostalgia with me that as soon as I seen it at the video shop I had to watch it! . I remember watching this over and over and over when it first came out with my cousin, you can watch it and just turn it on and watch it again, and then again! Not many films have that power to be constantly watched and not loose there appeal, and fewer still comedy’s. Even when you know what’s coming its still funny! Seriously everyone go and hire this movie follow the link below, it will leave your face sore and ribs broken with laughter as you lie hyperventilating on the floor!

My Rating: B
Format: DVD Rental (LoveFilm)
I Would Buy This Movie


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