Edinburgh: 495

It has been a while since I have just chatted about what has been happening in my life! Day 495 is the exact number of days since I moved over to Edinburgh and I pretty much will use that format when talking about a day, just so you know. Today will be a quick run down of randomness about what has been and what will be. Well recently it has been the run up to Christmas and once again I am no further along with the presents! I ALWAY leave it to the last moment. Maybe one year I will be on it but 2013 is not that year! Work is becoming more and more busy and I will be looking forward to January when it all settles down. On the job front I am on the lookout for something new, not going as well as I had hoped but some good interviews, so I have to just keep at it! The new year will hopefully bring some good news with it! Upcoming this week will be the Christmas Dinner Night out! I will have to scribble something down here about that as I am sure it will be good crack! The past few days have been spent lazing about and playing Left for Dead with Keith and Gavin! That is the reason I have not had a proper post in a while but I will start to behave and get properly! I think i have been falling into the trap of thinking I have to post some grand entry about something, this post is to remind myself that the little things count as well!


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