Gone In 60 Seconds

The plot is simple as it could be “A retired master car thief must come back to the industry and steal 50 cars with his crew in one night to save his brother’s life.” Boom! This movie got pretty slated by the critics, i say ignore them all and listen to me, or at the very least if you have not watched this give it a chance, and if you have watched this, give it another! The key is not to take it too serious! Its just a fun movie with a kick ass cast and a killer soundtrack. I actually own the soundtrack to this movie i loved it so much!

The story jumps in thick and fast but it is supposed to be like that its not setting up anything more than what it needs to. Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nicholas Cage) is the best car thief Los Angeles has ever known. When he left town car theft went down 45%, and is content enough with the quiet life until he gets word that his little brother is in trouble. It seems that Kip (Giovonni Ribisi) has followed in the footsteps of his brother, only he botched the job and is now in it deep with Raymond “The Carpenter” Calitri (Christopher Eccleston). So Memphis returns and gets the old gang together and the new grew to steal 50 high end cars in one night in order  to save his little brother.  See simple!

The real beauty of this movie for me really is the characters, so ignore everything you have heard about them being one dimensional and paper thin. Yea they don’t try too much and you can point to each guy and tell his role but that has its cham! What is fun watching a movie from 13 years ago is playing where are they now. OK so setting Nicholas Cage aside In this movie we have, Giovanni Ribisi, Will Patton, Timothy Olyphant, Robert Duvall, Vinnie Jones and Christopher Eccleston! I was watching it smiling and thinking flip they were in Hitman, or Gangster Squad and even Doctor Who! In the end i think i am rating this movie higher because of the nostalgia of my 17 year old self who watched it way back then!

My Rating: C+
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie
Artwork By: Fine Art America


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