Edinburgh: 500

It is crazy how fast things come in, 500 days I have been living in Edinburgh, 500 days I have been living with Clare! Thats 500 days she has put up with me, she deserves an award! Its been a blast! In the past 500 days I have been finding my way about the city, learning the best wee coffee spots, and eaterys. I have checked out the pubs that I like and the clubs I hate! I have finally learned the busses and been able to teach others when they come visit! I have to say after 500 days my feet are pretty much planted here! I suppose they have been for a while but its been 500 days if I have not already said it enough! have met a bunch of amazing people, friends i would never of had if I hadn’t been in this city.  The guys who I work with friends of Clares i can happily call my friends too, even customers who come in and give me a small Christmas present!  I have of course i have kept in proper touch with the friends I have back in Northern Ireland! Some have come to visit, others I hope are on the way!  thankfully there is still an Northern Irish presence from the old gang here who is always game for a laugh! The distance has made me miss them but its still the same old Wolfpack and i know that that will always be!  I have had an absolute amazing time, exploring and learned so much about myself and others! The thing is for all I have done in the past 500 days there is so much still left to do!  I still have to conquer Arthurs seat!  I still have to get up and do Karaoke, when I have the cash I will visit the castle and not just stand like a stoke outside it!  There are still plenty of museums about i want to visit and more pubs left unexplored!  This is to 500 days and to the 500 that follow it !


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