Final Fantasy VII: Mako Power Plant

I have just finished my first mission in the game, the Mako Power Plant. The game throws you in the story without any real back drop, you just jump of a train and fight your way past some guards and enter the power plant. Here you learn that you are with an activist group who plan on plowing it up! The activist group AVALANCHE who you meet first are Biggs, Wedge, Jessie and of course Barret. Barret Wallace is the 35-year-old AVALANCHE Leader. He is a big muscled black guy who has a gun for an arm, much like Hellboy’s big fist but its a big gun! My character Cloud Strife is a 21-year-old Ex-SOLDIER turned mercenary armed with a sword. Fighting your way through the power plant you reach your goal in setting the bomb timer which leaves you only 10 actual minutes to escape. The timer counts down through all the in game random battles and did get slightly worrying once I reached the 3 minute marker! The end body of this level was a Guard Scorpion robot which was not overly tricky but then we are only at the beginning!

After the escape the reactor explodes and all of north Midgar seems to be in a panic. The team split up agreeing to meet at the train station later to reduce the chances of them all being caught by guards. Cloud walks around the streets and this is where he meets the Flower Girl for the first time. Here you have the option to pas her by or as i done take a moment to talk to her and buy a flower, before moving along the streets towards the station. The options will affect the game in later scenes, however the overall story is not changed. Walking towards the station Cloud is cornered by guards in which again you can chose to run or stand fight. I chose to stand fight! however completely surrounded cloud makes a daring jump of the bridge and onto the roof of the oncoming train!  The rest of the group are onboard the train, talking about why Cloud didn’t show up when you make a dramatic entrance to the surprise of all the team.  Thats just how you roll! Following the team into the passenger car you are invite to make yourself at home by the tramp who “lives” there, I had forgotten about him and it made me smile.   Disembarking at Sector seven the team split up again and arrange to meet up at headquarters!

The game is only at the beginning at its already becoming completely immersive. The random conversations you can have with the people around you and the decisions that will change the game slightly in future all add in to a complete and captivating gaming experience.  fifteen years on this game still holds its own… more to come soon!


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