Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut

Blade Runner The Directors Cut, Ridley Scott’s adaptation of author Phillip K. Dicks Novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” is one of the most famous and influential science fiction films of our generation, with a huge cult following. One of the reasons that Blade Runner has such a cult following is the existence of more than one version, its been tweaked here and changed there, had bits added and taken away, and each edit giving a new perspective on the story . The directors cut is the movie i will be reviewing but i hope to also get a hold of the other versions to see the differences between the cuts.

It is a clever combination of film noir and a futuristic detective thriller. Scotts vision of 2019 Los Angeles as a decayed, neon light, rain-soaked, bleak and over crowed of grips you immediately with the contrasting views on screen. it gives you the feeling that times where better and what’s in view is a remnant of times gone by. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) wanders this microchip jungle as a blade runner, a special type of cop with only one assignment: To hunt down replecants and kill them. The replicants are artificial humans, genetically made not androids and are indistinguishable from human’s thing in every way but two; they have no memories, and they have lifespans of only four years. Packed with symbolism it has generated lots of debate among fans, raising questions of morality, religion, self awareness. its hard to imagine a film today having such an impact,not only among fans but on future filmmakers. Blade Runner created a futuristic world that many have tried to copy but which none have bettered.

Why did I choose this movie, i was in the mood for a Si-Fi movie minus the light saber battles and blasting spaceships. Its been a long time since i watched this movie too and every viewing brings new discoveries. One of the most debated issues is wither Deckard is himself a replacent, Scott has hinted at this but nothing has been confirmed. What’s not debatable is that Blade runner is the mos beautifully artistic and visually stunning films of its time. Have a watch and decide for yourself, I’m in no doubt that you will enjoy it.

My Rating: A
Format: DVD
I Own this Movie
Artwork By: Ryan Shane Owen


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