Final Fantasy VII: 7th Heaven Bar / Avalanche Base

After the team split up you get a chance to wonder about the slums of sector 7. Nothing story wise will happen until you go to the Bar “Seventh Heaven” but to get that immersive feeling I always like to walk around and talk to as many people as i can in a game. Heading north you can talk to a guy who explains a little further about the city above, how its on a plate above the slums, supported by a huge pillar. he states that if anything ever happened to the pillar the whole city above would come crashing down. More characters you meet are ether drunks partying and talking about AVALANCHE and the power cut that the bomb caused in the slums, with missed feelings. Heading towards the bar Barret tells you to go Inside.

In the bar, you’ll meet Tifa Lockheart the 20 Year old, big busted owner of the 7th Heaven Bar who is also a member of Avalanche. I say big busted because even in 32 bit these puppies would put Lara Crofts to shame. You will be introduced as well as Marlene the 4 year old very shy daughter of Barret. Barret shows up soon after and everyone heads to the hidden base underneath the bar. This stage you see the whole gang talking about the next mission in which Cloud wants no part all he wants in paid. This causes a argument with barret and more options to interact with the team choosing how to respond. Leaving the base Cloud is confronted by Tifa and during a “cut scene” will find out more about the history of and between the two. Turns out Tifa grew up with Cloud and she has had a crush on him since childhood. Tifa also reminds Cloud of the promise made to her just before he left their hometown of Nibelheim. Tifa convinces him to stay and fight alongside AVALANCHE to save the Planet. Cloud spends the night at the base resting up before the next mission.


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