Final Fantasy VII: Mako Reactor No.5

After a rest Cloud wakes to an empty room, seems everyone is upstairs ready to go on the next mission, and Tifa is joining the team this time! You can take a walk around the shops and talk to the characters who seem hung over from the night before, I love how the game even in this small way moves on. There are small story’s going on all around you that are interesting, if you take the time to talk to the Characters. You will also lern about Materia. Materia is crystallized Mako and allows users to call upon the wisdom of the Lifestream in order to manipulate nature itself. Elemental attacks and Magic basicly. Heading back to the train station will initiate the start of Avalanche’s next mission. You can say hello to the tramp again, who will thank you for being the only one who takes time to speak to him in his house. This train ride is not as smooth as the one before. Seems Shinra has increased the security and you all have to make a mad dash up the train before Cloud, Baret and Tifa jump off in order to evade security! Jessie, Biggs and Wedge are all in disguise and stay on the train.

The three of you make your way through the tunnels and into the reactor, which is laid out exactly the same as before, and is not tricky finding your way about. This mission really mimics the last one you find your way down set off the bomb at the reactor and escape. Once again when Cloud gets close to the reactor he has a black out but this time we see a flash back of Tifa and the death of her father. Running to escape, thankfully no timer, you will reach a bridge shaped like a T that spans over the slums below. This is when you’ll be stopped by a group of guards, and then meet President Shinra. Turns out Shinra found out somehow and plan to let the reactor explode with them in in in order to rid himself of AVALANCHE. The Shinra president leaves in the helicopter, but orders a huge machine called The Air Buster to attack in order to slow the teams escape. This boss is stronger than before and will counter attacks so you will always be taking damage! Cloud will be on one side and Barret and Tifa on the other . Turns out Tifa has skills, she is a street fighter and doesn’t need fancy big sowards or a huge gun arm, she just kicks and punches ass! I like how Shinra rather than just send in troops or set up sentry guns to guard their power plants instead design these massive robotic creatures! First the Scorpion Guard and now this Hovering Robot Tank!

The Boss will explode when defeated and cause a huge hole in the walk way which Cloud is left hanging off. Barett unable to help him Tifa screaming for him to hold on you are left with one option. To let go. The reactor explodes as Cloud Falls and the others make their escape. If this was a movie or a TV show it would be the perfect cliffhanger ending.


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