A Study in Scarlet

The first story I have read from the complete Sherlock Holmes collection.  I plan on making my way through them each in turn. The the original stories to the novels and finally the short story collections.  The Sherlock Holmes stories have captured the literary public’s imagination in ways few other works of fiction have been able to.  There have been so many adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes collection, movies and countless TV shows, you only have to read the books to see why we love the story’s!

A Study in Scarlet is a strange book with a strange structure which is actually two stories thinly connected. The first part sets up the narrative of Dr. Watson and his meeting with the legendary detective. The story unfolds told through the eyes of Watson as he introduces all the characters and recounts the events of this murder mystery. The second part shifts from London to Utah where we get a somewhat sympathetic back-story to the murder and his deed.  The  final conclusion returns the reader to Baker Street where Watson urges Holmes to record the adventure and publish it. Upon Holmes’s refusal, Watson decides to do it himself and the story comes full circle.

I really liked the story fell so deep into it and i think you all will enjoy you. More so looking at how it was set up, in a way ending at the beginning, really draws you into the story.  Its a technique that I have always thought of as a modern cinema storytelling twist but It only gos to show that greater men got there first!  Upon further reading i discovered that Conan Doyle wrote the novel at the age of 27 in less than three weeks, I think thats amazing!


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