Final Fantasy VII: The Flower Girl

After the fall Cloud awakes and finds himself  in a church. The Flower girl who he met after the first Mako Reactor mission is tending to him.  Seems he gave her quite the fright when he fell through the ceiling.  The Flower girl if her jobs is here, and you can name Aeris Gainsborough and at this point of the game we know only that she is a 22 year old Flower Sales Woman who is armed with a Bo Staff.  Introductions are cut short when Reno, a member of an elite team called The Turks who deal in  industrial espionage, abductions, and assassinations.  It seems there is more to this girl than selling  flowers.  Cloud agrees to be Aries bodyguard and escorts her out of the back exit of he church, to avoid trouble.  Trouble follows them and Reno Sends his guards out in pursuit. Noting “Those are Mako eyes”  about Cloud.  Maybe there is more to Cloud than meets the eye!

Making their escape to the roof of the church ASries falls and is split up from Cloud.  The guards like jackals close on on their prey.  The battle system at this point of the game is actually fun!  In the next room, Aeris falls down while trying to escape with Cloud. Tell her to hold on. You now have the option of fighting the guards using Aeris or trying to bean the guards on the head with barrels on the upper floor, if you miss, you’ll have to fight using Aeris anyway. Aries can handle the guards if you do fail in pushing the barrels off correctly but it just gets the story more immersive the fact you can choose stuff like this!

When Aeris meets you at the top of the chapel, she’ll meet up with Cloud and together make their escape onto the roof.  After a conversation about why the Turks are after her, turns out they want her for SOLDIER, you will escort Aries back to her home in Sector 5.  On the way you will again be able to explore and chat to all the characters.  Have a look in on the man in the pipe near the entrance, he is sick and has a Tattoo of a number “2” on his arm.. Very Strange!


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