Final Fantasy VII: Wall Market

After making your way through the slums of sector 5 Cloud and Aries arrive at Aries house.  Cloud is introduced to Aries mother Elmyra, and you agree to spend the night.  A short conversation with Elmyra gives Cloud the impression that she isn’t quite as taken with him as her daughter is.  Cloud agrees to spend the night, so Aries can escort him through the dangerous and seedy Sector 6 but as Aries goes to make up the bedroom Elmyra ask’s Cloud to leave before morning, stating “she has been hurt enough”.  The thing is no matter how sneaky Cloud is Aries will be waiting for him at the entrance to Sector 6.  The two have a chat about the past, sitting in an old playground.  Aries talks about her first boyfriend which turns out Cloud has quite a lot in common with.  Cloud, stoic as always, talks briefly about SOLDIER and Tifa allowing for more choices to be made in responses.  The talk is cut short when Tifa turns up!  Kidnapped it seems by a less than upfront business man from Sector 6 by the name of Don Corneo.

Sector 6 slums main thorough fare is called Wall Market and apart from the shops, cafe and hotels there is  darker side.  The dark side and the game does become a little strange at this point.  Setting aside the cross dressing Gym and the brothel Honeybee Inn, Don Corneo seems to be in the sex slave industry and choose’s a girl each night to coax into becoming his bride.  If that’s not dark and strange enough there is more. In order to get into Don Corneo’s mansion, Cloud must dress up as a woman, and he go’s through quite the mission to do so,  The game allows extra item’s to be picked up to further his disguise which include a wig, perfume, knickers and a tiara.  If you make it as far as the Honeybee Inn side quest be ready for… well Strange things!  All of these strange and dark innuendo side quests all lead up to Cloud in drag along side Aries gaining access to Don Corneo’s mansion, hoping to find Tifa with her dignity intact.

Don Corneo’s mansion is just as strange as Wall Market, sneaking in dressed as a woman Cloud and Aries have time to look about for tiffa, who is held up in what looks like a sex dungeon.  The dialogue takes over when the group s reunited and you learn that Tifa is actually undercover.  AVALANCHE suspect that it was Don Corneo who gave Shinra the info about the attack on the reactor and are keen to find out anything the spy can tell them.  Don Corneo has plenty to tell once confronted with threats of  “I will cut it off”  from Cloud, or “I will break it off” by Aries and “I will smash it” by Tifa.  Don Corneo spills all to save his manhood and tells the team that Shinra plan on destroying the pillar that supports the plate above the slums of sector 7.  If thats not bad enough he plans on blaming AVALANCHE for it, simultaneously killing and discrediting them.  However Don Corneo gets the last word by dropping them into the sewers before they can escape and warn the slums!


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