The Gold Bug

Its an enjoyable short story told by an unknown narrator,and his involvement with William Legrand, a friend of his who lives on Sullivan’s Island in Charleston, South Carolina.  The Narrator recounts the tale of a mysterious golden bug, a cryptic message and buried pirate  treasure.  I felt a strong connection to Treasure Island which I am sure influenced Robert Louis Stevenson in his novel!  Although it may not at first appear to be so, The Gold Bug is very much like a detective story, narrated much like Watson does in the Sherlock Holmes novels.  Further to this Poe also gives the reader a great introduction to cryptography and codebreaking.  The subtle layers of this story unfold without an great hype or stress, I found it easy and enjoyable to read.

I am a really big Fan of Poe, I have his collected works and i have always enjoyed that darker edge that he brings to a tale.  Fans of Treasure Island and Sherlock Holmes will enjoy this short story as it has elements of both throughout and is very clever.  I found it a lot less macabre than Poes others works but enjoyable!  It is the kind of story I could imagine being read as a bedtime story for boys.  It challenges you to think but does not require that you do, if that makes sense.  You take away as much as you put in, and with an imagination like mine I was right there!


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