Final Fantasy VII: Return to Sector 7

Landing in the sewer Cloud gets to once again make a decision that will affect the game later on.  Tifa and Aries are laying on the ground and who ever you choose to go to first to check if they are ok will be noted.  No time to stand about mulling over this as the team is immediately attacked by Don Corneo’s mutant monster APS.  It is a big brute of a monster who can deal out a good thump but the team will knock him out soon enough.  If you have become immersed in the game as much as me you will feel a rush to get to Sector 7 slums even with no timer running!  The path is straight forward through the sewers but when you get topside and into the train graveyard some problem solving will be done to maneuver the trains about.  The kids were right when they said the Train graveyard is haunted as ghosts are a few of the enemys the team will face, but the real danger lies ahead.

When you  arrive in Sector 7 slums the place is a riot.  AVALANCHE are already on the pillar defending it as best they can.  Poor Wedge falls off and lands hard on the floor next to Cloud, Tifa and Aries.  Cloud will have some final words to his fallen comrade before running to the rest of the groups ade along side Tifa.  Aries stays behind to help evacuate people and Marline from sector 7.  Running up the steps of the pillar Cloud will meet Biggs and jessie who as with Wedge, will have a final word to his comrades.  You also get to choose how to respond, and I’m not ashamed to admit that at this stage my responses where on the softer side and it was sad to say goodbye.  When you get to the top Barate is holding the line but when Reno turns up and sets off the bomb timer nothing can be done.  Tifa Barret and Cloud will have a battle with Reno before he scarpers in defeat.  However he does get the last word!  The helicopter he escapes onto has Aries inside, finally captured by the Turks they let a little information slip.  Aries is an ancient.. knew there was more to that girl!  Defeated and unable to stop the bomb, Cloud Tifa and Barret do the only thing they can, swing to safety via a crane cable as the bomb explodes and sector 7 top plate comes crashing down to the slums below.


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