Smoke Head – Contemporary, individual and exciting, this malt is so unlike in character to any other Scottish Malt Whisky I have ever had!  Modern and very distinctive it stands out with in its tin box with a huge skull on it. A real heavy metal rocker of malt! The name suggests that its alot harder than it really is, in fact the smoke and peat are in a perfect balance with a slight whispr of sweetness that takes any rough edges off it!

Smokehead is an explosive Islay rollercoaster.  Stunning rich amber hue that is a joy to observe.  Followed by a sweet bonfire smoke and some delicate spice on the nose.  This smells so good I would wear it on my skin. It has a thick rich full-bodied palate that is both fresh and fruity with that heavy peat and smoky sweetness, but it won’t blast your face off it has a balance that is divine!  Everything I have mentioned in the way of flavour and smell throughout the long smooth finish! It’s a joy to drink, and a seriously big favourite of mine.

Once again had my first dram as part of a tasting at work.  Not only did i immediately fall in love with the smell  but the taste just made me want to buy it straight away.  I however did not have to wait long as I received it as a christmas present this year from my girlfriend Clare’s Parents.  Smokehead is an Award winning Islay single malt. It recently won the Scottish Field Whisky Challenge Gold and the Wine and Spirit Design Awards Gold, Best Dark Spirit Trophy and overall Trophy for Design of the Year.   Truly a single malt whisky of the highest quality!  This is a big big favourite of mine!



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