Final Fantasy VII: Into the Sky

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret all wake up in the playground at the Sector 6 Slums.  Barret has a breakdown yelling at the rubble that was Sector 7 Slums, screaming for Marlene and his other friends Biggs, Wedge and Jessie.  Tifa tells Barret  that Marlene is ok, that Aries got her out before the crash.  Cloud feeling guilt for getting Aries caught up in all of this attempts to leave alone, but Tifa and Barret catch up with him and they all head to Sector 5 Slums to talk with Elmyra.  Soon as the team arrive Elmyra greets them with a knowing look, seems Shinra caught up with Aries as she was brining Marline to safety at her house.

This point we get a proper back story to Aries, in the form of a sweet but sad flash back.  It turns out Elmyra is not her birth mother, she found Aries beside her dieing mother Ilfanla at Sector 7 train station.  Ilfana told her all about her Ancient or Creta heritage, and Elmyra always knew how special Aries was.  Shinra it seemed knew of this too and have been trying to bring her into the company for years with no success, now it seems patience have worn thin and the result is kidnapping.  Aries being an Ancient has the ability to talk with the planet and Shinra want her help in discovering the promised land which is abundant in mako energy.  Cloud, Tifa and Barret all agree to go get her back!

The journey into the sky begins at Wall Market, the team gather supplies that they can and head up a network of destroyed pipes and metal supports left from the wreckage of Sector 7 plate falling into the slums.  The team climb up and up and up still making their way through the broken supports and tangled web of debris until finally making it to the world above.  It is story based this part of the game, you fall deeper and deeper into the game, really begin to love and care for the characters.  The complex back story balances with the resolute actions of the present which is getting Aries back!


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