Final Fantasy VII: Shinra Headquarters

Outside Shinra HQ Cloud Tifa and Barret can decide to storm the building or sneak in quietly around a side entrance. I decided on stealth, seemed most in touch with the game I was playing, It was about getting Aries back not taking Shinra down. Sneaking the tam in the side the three travel up and up and up some more via the stairs. The conversation between the team is hilarious at one point Barret is told to “..stop being a retard and to keep climbing!” I’d love to see how that one gets through the censors in the remake! No matter which you choose you will arrive at the 59th floor and from here on out must explore and travel up! The exploration at this point of the game is really up to the player there are a number of cool puzzles and depending how deep you go into the side quest you can discover other projects that Shinra is working on. It would take an age and spoil all the fun to detail it here so I will skip on.

Arriving at the 66th floor the team sneak into a meeting via the air ducts and eavesdrop on what Shinra members Reeve, Palmer, President Shinra, Heidegger, Hojo, and Scarlet are discussing. Each have their own enterprises but Hojo talking about the Ancients breeding experiment is the one to follow! When the meeting is over Cloud Tifa and Barret follow Hojo to his lab. The lab is full of experiments but it is the purple chamber with the letters J.E.N.O.V.A that gets Clouds attention. On closer inspection turns out to be some sort of mangled torso without a head which when cloud gets near has another headache. Following Hojo further into his lab the team it seems have arrived just in time as Hojos breeding experiments turns out to be with Aries and a lion-like creature of the same Ancient linage. I do wonder how they will get bestiality into the remake! All set up for a fight with Aries locked in a cage with the beast the group open the door and wait for the attack. However the attack doesn’t come.

Turns out the beast has a lot more manners and sophistication that had first been given credit for. His name is Red XIII but for now that’s all the introduction you have time for as the Team are attacked by Hojos experiments. It has a resident evil Umbrella Corp feel to BIO weapons as the creature is named Sample:H0512 and has a nasty knack of poisoning the team! Easily taken care of the team Cloud, Tifa, Barret Aries and Red XIII head for the elevators to mate their escape…


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