Final Fantasy VII: Escape from Shinra HQ

The team split up to make their escape agreeing to meet on the 66th floor but are cornered and captured by the Turks and brought to the top floor. President Shinra gives a long winded speech which is actually very dramatic with Barret giving it everything to get loose and kill him!  He laughs at here attempts to bring the company down and ands in true villain style tells them his whole plan of finding the city of the Ancients which is rich in Mako energy and his plans to build a new Migar on top of it!  Strolling past them unconcerned and laughing he has the group locked up!  In jail the team are split into separate cells, all seems hopeless and lost! Cloud and Tifa, Barret and Red XIII, Aries all on her own.  This point you choose the order who to talk with first, or to just get some sleep.  The conversation between Aries and Cloud pushes the love triangle a bit more as she is unaware that Tifa is in the cell with him while she talks!  Barrett and Red XIII conversation is funny as it shows two people who couldn’t be more unalike. Having spoken to everyone you all decide to get some sleep!

Upon awakening Cloud finds his cell door open and the guards not only dead but savaged.  Helping the others out of their cells they follow the blood trail that leads to president Shinras office, and his dead body with a huge sword in his back… Sephiroth’s sword.   A helicopter fly’s past the window to land on the roof, the team all head out to find President Shinras son Rufus.  Rufus Vice President of Shinra Corporation is even more cruel and ruthless than his father.  Now in control of the company Rufus declares that he will not be taking the same leadership tactics as his fathers. He plans to rule by fear and intimidation!  Cloud telling the others to make their escape now stays behind alone to hold Rufus off!

This is where the game gets wicked once more, the story line though splitting up into two parts essentially runs side by side time wise.  Barret, Aries and Rex XIII escape via the elevators and fight off a Hundred Gunner tank and a Heli Gunner while Cloud Faces off against Rufus alone!  Tifa… stays behind waiting on cloud unaware that both have been fighting for their lives!  This section with the switching of Matera took me no less that 3 attempts to get past!  I didn’t get frustrated, it’s a learning process and games are supposed to be difficult!


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