The Drabblecast 202 & 203 – Boojum


Continuing my Pirate Appreciation Month I will point you all towards this podcast on The Drabblecast.   Boojum, Parts One and Two by  Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette. This podcast story is about of a group of space pirates, yes space pirates, and its focus is primarily on one called Black Alice and her relationship with Lavinia Whateley.  The twist is that the Lavinia Whateley is a living space ship called a Boojum.  It is a really solid and enjoyable story, the depth of detail really transports you into the world and you do care what happens to the characters.  It has scope for so much more in the extended universe do i will be looking out for more!

Find Parts One and Two by clicking the links.  Also check out the other great stories on the site. Listen and subscribe by clicking The Drabblecast which will take you to the site!  Enjoy!


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