Munchkin Booty: by Gavin Clohessy

It’s a bright summer’s day, the sound of the ocean in my ears, the smell of salt in the air and the taste of victory, gunpowder and shark blubber in my mouth. I am currently in an intense battle against an ocean of natural and unnatural phenomenon as well as three cunning foes with an arsenal of monsters, ships and magic at their disposal. A loud cry of determined vigour as a great white shark, one of the ocean’s most feared predators, swims its way towards me with the menacing glow of what looks like a thousand cold steely daggers aimed at my jugular with pinpoint precision in mind.  I feel the beat of my heart rise at pace but have the calmness of poised cobra ready to strike my oncoming prey, for I know that I too have an arsenal of my own. I send forth my champion, Sword in hand and the guns of his ship ready to fire on command.

Seeing the immense strength I possess and knowing I could dispatch this overgrown trout with ease one of my foes sends forth an evil monster to join the fray, a zombie shark, concocted in the depths of a maniacal lab somewhere and released on the world to destroy and wreak havoc and despair. I gasp for a thousandth of a second realising the gravity of what has just happened but only for a thousandth of a second, as I happily reel the gasp back to that tickly part of the top of my throat for I have quickly deduced that the monsters strength is still too little to undo my accrued greatness. I have a superior strength which I can fee nobody and nothing can overcome.

The fun begins.

My other foes smack their lips and tasting blood clamber over one-another’s hateful actions to add to the blow already inflicted. Potions and Monsters are thrown at me hand over fist. Adding to the tally of strength for my enemy.  Seeing my enemy’s strength grow I feel victory slowly being pulled from my grasp. Weary from what has been a tough battle I release my ‘coo de gra’ which doubles my strength putting me a world out of sight of all my enemies tricks combined and allowing me to slither to my glorious and well deserved victory. I have won, or so I thought.


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