Final Fantasy VII: Escape from Midgar

The battle is over but the team are not out of danger yet!  Cloud after his run in with Rufus meets Tifa at the stairwell and the pair head down the stairwell and meet with Barret, Aries and Red XIII who are fresh from the fight against Hundred Gunner & Heli Gunner.  Midgar is not a safe place for AVALANCHE with being blamed for the “terrorist attack” on Sector 7 Slums and the new president’s regime of fear and domination, they need to get out of town and fast!  The next cut scene is my favourite of game so far.  The scen opens with a sleeping security guard and a flashing alarm on one of the cameras, the screen zooms into the camera and we see Tifa, Aries, Barret and Red XIII escaping through the lower levels of Shinra HQ.  Cloud  racing down the stairwell on a huge kick ass motorbike meets the crew as they jump into a truck and together they storm about the halls and stairwells of Shinra HQ before  smashing their way out of a window and onto the highway.

Gameplay kicks back in and Cloud must defend the truck from oncoming attacks of Shinra SOLDIERS who also are on bikes and are attempting to smash the truck and escaping team off the road.  The music and rush right into gameplay after such a cut scene just draws you further and further into the game.  Hurtling along the highway perused by SOLDIERS on bikes as cloud fends them off with his sword is marvellous gameplay action. The bikers failing Shinra sends one last attempt to destroy the fleeing team Motor Ball a huge tank like machine, with  road running out Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aries and Red XIII must turn and face this monstrosity of mechanical mayhem.Motor Ball as a final ending boss to this part of the game is quite a foe.  Your starting health is determined on how well you kept the bikes away from the trucks, another tactic to bring you further into the game, and it gets first hit as it storms in to the team who have ran out of road.  In all not too difficult an opponent but the fear is high after the speeding chase and fresh out of two previous battles, which makes the escape from Midgar all the more exciting!

Standing outside the city, the decision is made to split up as a large group is easier spotted by a hunting party.  Barret  suggests that they meet in the town of Klam and after deciding  who will be in your group, you all head towards the screen to exit and arrive at the outside world!


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