Final Fantasy VII: A Flashback at Kalm

Arriving in Kalm Cloud meets up with others at the inn where they have the chance to properly regroup after the flight from Shinra and Midgar Cloud fills the others his story about Sephiroth, seeing it was he who rescued them from prison and killed President Shinra.  The immersive quality of making a back story interactive is outstanding, you as a player don’t only watch but interact making you feel you had a part in the history.

The flashback begins in a truck being driven by Shinra soldiers with Cloud in the back talking to the soldiers and Sephiroth, who at this time he idolizes.  Soon enough you will discover why as the truck will be stopped by a huge dragon.  Cloud tells the story of how he witnessed the incredible and inconceivable strength of Sephiroth who kills the monster in two Hits.   After the battle, Colud and Sephiroth arrive at the town where the faulty Mako reactor that has been producing the monsters is located, Nibelheim.  Cloud has the chance to walk about town talking to his old friends and family. Heasing to Tifa’s house, he finds she is not at home but he takes the time to read her stuff, play the piano, and even search her closet.  (You will discover ‘orthopedic underwear’ which I can only imagine is some sort of back brace to stop Tifa’s spine from being crushed under the weight of her boobs! why this was even written into the game I don’t know!)

The next day, Sephiroth, Cloud and two SOLDIERS head up to Mount Nibelheim where the faulty reactor is built.  The guide for the trip is Tifa, who poses in a photo alongside Cloud and Sephiroth before traveling up to the reactor.  At the Reactor site Cloud follows Sephiroth inside and discover that Hojo has been using it to experiment on humans to create monsters.  The words JENOVA appear everywhere and appear to be the source of Mako/Human experimentation process.  Sephiroth goes ballistic, talking in riddles, questioning his heritage and slashing everything in sight.  The scene will cut to the inside of a large mansion at the edge of town, As Cloud explores looking for Sephiroth who apparently disappeared inside, he discovers a hidden door to a basement library where Sephiroth is immersed in books.

Here we finally discover as Sephiroth does the true history of his birth and linage. Sephiroth believed that JENOVA was his mother’s name, however he discovers that JENOVA was a specimen of the long lost race called Creta or Ancients.  Approximately 30 years ago Professor Gast Faremis excavated the remains and identified it as a Cetra, naming it Jenova.  The Jenova Project, an effort to create a human-Cetra hybrid who would lead them to the Promised Land was born with Sephiroth, who was infused with Jenova’s cells in the fetal stage.

After this speech Sephiroth says “Im going to see my mother” and leaves the mansion.  Cloud following behind him arrives to find his Hometown in flames and racing to confront Sephiroth at the reactor catches up in time to watch the death of Tiffas father by Sephiroth and the brutal attack she her self receives for getting in the way.  The flashback ends with Sephiroth ripping the JENOVA apart from the reactor.

Footnote: Thanks to TK for pointing out a little flaw in the flashback that I have now put right ! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII: A Flashback at Kalm

  1. TK says:

    “JENOVA was a calamity that fell from the sky thousands of years ago and attempted to destroy the world, wiping out the Creta or Ancients as it spread across the world like a virus.”
    Obviously this is fact, but I have a question. I’m replaying FFVII and just got through this part of the game. Sephiroth refers to himself as decedent from the Creta. He even points at Cloud, calling him a traitor and saying his kind is the reason why the Creta have died out. This part confused me a bit because I remember JENOVA being something from another world. When does it become clear in the game that JENOVA is actually an alien that tried to destroy the world? Maybe I just need to keep playing to jog my memory.

      • TK says:

        I did some research just to confirm. I don’t think they considered JENOVA an alien yet. The researchers at Shinra mistook it for an ancient. But, you’re still right in calling JENOVA a calamity from another world. If I hadn’t just replayed that part of the game, I’d be none the wiser.

      • scottjgdoherty says:

        If I can add in a foot note edit I will, if not a wee edit in full. I love this game trying to take my time with it but have skipped a head a little in the story.

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