Final Fantasy VII: Chocobos Marshes and Mines

After sleeping on Clouds Story the party get the chance to explore the town of Kalm before heading off in search of Sephiroth.  Kalm is  a quaint, picturesque and charming little town so far removed from the dark gritty streets of Midgar.  Talking to the town’s people you discover all of them have different thoughts on Shinra.  For the most part Kalm enjoy the benefits that the Mako reactor brings them but some have started to notice that the plant and animal life are slowly disappearing.  There are also reports of a strange man in a black cloak who passed through town just a few days before, who was heading over the marshlands and into the Mythril Mine.  The towns folk advise the team on getting a Chocobo, a form of flightless bird used for quick transportation, at  Choco Bill & Choco Billy’s Chocobo Farm before trying to cross the marshes.

Heading south towards the Chocobo Farm, the party talk with Choco Bill & Choco Billy who once again confirm the mysterious man in a black cape who was seen heading towards the Mythril Mine.  However since he did not purchase a Chocobo he would find it hard crossing the marshlands as the Midgar Zolom’s, a species of giant serpent over 30 feet tall dwell there. They pick up on footsteps that enter the marshes… And then, BAM!! They attack!!!  Using a Chocobo will get the team across the marshlands in a quick step but I chose to fight the Midgar Zolom anyway.  It is a good chance to flex those fighting mussels!

After traversing the swamp, Cloud along with the others get the evidence that they are truly on Sephiroth’s trail first time, a Midgar Zolom is impaled on a tree, leading the party to speculate the feat was done by Sephiroth. It took three of my party to take down the mighty Zolom and it was no easy feat, to see the power of Sephiroth first hand leaves the rest of the team in awe. Cautiously the party enter the mines in search of the man in black.


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