The Empty House

The vocabulary is what really draws you into this ghost story far more than the events themselves.  A simple walk around a haunted house is spooky but the chilling fear is in the descriptive narration of our author.  Quick flashes of panic by our duo and shocking glimmers of a face in shadow are meticulously drawn out to full visions of absolute horror by a mesmerizing string of graphic sentences.  I could feel my blood chill with every word feel my heart freeze as the cold crept up my spine with every step they took into that house.

The story is simple enough, as all ghost stories tend to be.  Haunting tales of an abandoned mansion now tenanted with malevolent sprits, when Shorthouse pays a visit to his Aunt Julia in her little house on the sea-front at the other end of the town, she exclaims with excitement that she has the key.  It becomes apparent that she plans to spend a night in the haunted house with her nephew alongside.  The whispers of murder that surround the house and that something malevolent now lives within its walls is scary enough a tale, but the real fear is within that house, the unseen lurking presence.  A flicker of a flame, or the creak of a door, the overwhelming feeling that you are being watched and are unwanted within the house. With every step Shorthouse and his Aunt take within you feel the fear and suspense grow right alongside them.  It is a fantastic Ghost story, the best I have read in quite some time! Truly gripping and haunting!


One thought on “The Empty House

  1. theparisreviewblog says:

    I love how you begin this post; I always think that sometimes the way we write has more power than what we write, and ghost stories are prime examples of this. So true! Great post; inspiration for my own literary blog!

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