100th Post

The big 100th post here on the Flat Cap and it’s also my birthday! So happy Freaking Birthday to me! I was spoilt this year, as I am every year, but this year was a good haul especially from Clare. Clare got me a Tattoo, of a skull on my forearm (Due 25th March) Monkey DVD box set, Battle Field 3, Doctor Who Comics and a new wallet! Pretty much spoilt!

The “32 Things” list is finally complete and up as its own standalone page. Have a look on the navigation bar you will see the list. The plan is to score off each one as and when I do it, and have the list itself link to each post! So in a way it’s kind of interactive! The list itself has a wide range of things on it. When making it up I had only one rule and that was it had to be something I have never done before. When you read it over you might think “How the hell have you got to 32 and not done that” but in truth it was harder than I thought as a lot of ideas I was given by my friends I had already done! The main issue was it all had to be realistic, so things like “Visit Russia and plant a Union Flag in Red Square and claim victory in the cold war” (Keith Greer) just wouldn’t be possible or even wise! However that should be on some sort of bucket list!


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