Final Fantasy VII: The Road to Junon

Mythril Mines once vibrant and full of workers are now empty apart from the monsters that now dwell inside their honeycombed interior of maze like tunnels. However Mythril and monsters are not the only things lurking in the mines. Upon entering a clearing just shy of the exit Cloud and party are blocked by the Turks. Rude, Elena, and Tseng. Elena The newest member announces that the job after what Cloud and party done to Reno, when he was defeated in battle. She also lets slip that Sephiroth was last spotted at Junon Harbour, much to the dismay of Tseng, who would rather have Cloud in the dark. Elena and Rude leave the caves but Rude turns back to have the last word “Reno said he wanted to see you after the injuries you gave him healed.  He wants to show his affection for you all… with a new weapon.” Tseng lingers behind to taunt Cloud and Aries, the Turks little interested in the party now and are not under orders to capture Aries, their eyes set on larger prey, Sephiroth. Tseng warns them all to stay out of Shinra way and departs.

Outside the mines the party find they have passed right through the mountain but they still have a lot of open road to cover before getting to Junon Harbour, and with the Turks ahead of them they cannot afford to dawdle. Passing through a nearby wood they encounter a mysterious Ninja who much like a bandit attacks the party! The Ninja is highly skilled and armed with a 4-Point Shuriken but the party take her out soon enough. After the battle the young warrior lies there and when approached instead of being scared she seems shocked she lost and is up for another fight. Seeing that the team could use someone with such high skills Cloud talks her into joining the party. At this point all we know of this young formidable warrior is that her name is Yuffie Kisaragi, 15 years old, short black hair and has a liking for Matera. Clever and cunning with a cocky, proud, brash personality, Yuffie is always up for a fight and will make an excellent addition to the team.

Cloud and Company now an extra warrior in number continue after Sephiroth along the road to Junon Harbour. The question is who will get to him first The Turks or themselves.



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