Pain and Gain

Daniel Lugo is a bodybuilder/personal trainer in a Miami gym. Rather than be happy with the successes he has created he wants more he wants the elusive “American Dream” and decides the best way to get there is with other people’s money. Singeing out a rich client Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub) who Daniel believes is unworthy of his fortune he enlists the help of fellow bodybuilder Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) and ex-convict, Christian bodybuilder Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson) into helping him with his schemes. The three having more brawn than brain means that the scheme goes terribly wrong and things turn from kidnapping and extortion to torture and murder.

For me this movie loses a lot of the fun by being a “True Story” its comedic levity which is funny is lost on that reality spin. What these three guys do to this one poor fellow is really dark and sinister at the core, and with no reason other than greed. This film loses the punch of a dark comedy because “bad guy” who’s getting shafted is just not “bad enough”. I felt sorry for Victor Kershaw, yes he was a dick but to have what happened to him and then have it glamorised just took the fun out of it. There are funny moments and Dwayne Johnson is really good crack with his softer approach making him into a big goon lead astray but other than private detective Ed DuBois (Ed Harris) and nurse Robin Peck (Rebel Wilson) there is no one remotely likeable in this film.

Why did I chose this movie, well it was a random flick to watch and it looked much better in the trailers than it was to watch. Maybe there is some underlying factor that I have missed, it has a good first half but when you see what lengths they go to get what they want for greed drugs cars and money the humour just gets deflated. If they had of been more tomfoolery about trying to kidnap and extort rather than the torture and murder it would have been a much better movie for me! Or to have Miami’s resident bad guy killer Dexter Morgan come in and take them out now that would have been class!!

My Rating: E
Format: Download
I Would Not Buy This Movie
Artwork by: Jakovjakov


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