32 Things: Take a Tour

I was able to kill a few birds with this drunken stone.  I went and took a tour of Stewart Brewery as party of a work training day to see exactly how Scottish craft beer is created.  I have become quite the beer geek as of late with the 32 Beers list on my 32 Things list! I would even go as far to say I am an eager beer novice!   Stewart Brewing invited us along to one of their tours and it was amazing to see how such a  large production is all handled by a few skilled crafts men.  We tried at least 16 different types of craft beers and got to pick the brewers’ brains about the monstrous subject of brewing science, and what was to come in the following months with new and special ranges being introduced. We were shown around the brewery, starting with the pilot brewkit on which the brewers trial new recipes, through the factory and finished with the bottling line. If you are in the area I would definitely urge you to go have a look. Tours are priced at £15 per person and £12 concessions. Prices include drinks and snacks and a beer glass to takeaway with you.


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