Sharps: Doom Bar

Sharps Doom Bar is an English regional brewery company founded in 1994 in St Minver Lowlands, Rock, Cornwall, by Bill Sharp. Doom Bar, the flagship beer of the brewery, takes its name from a region on Cornwall’s rugged north coast, where a sand bank, known as the Doom Bar protects and calms this beautiful estuary. Sailors respect the Doom Bar knowing it to be unforgiving if met with haste or arrogance. This is something that I always find interesting, where and how a craft beer gets its name!

Doom Bar is amber in colour with a thick, off white creamy head. Spicy hop aromas with hints of caramel or sweet malt. Tastes bitter but is balanced well with a complex blend of dried fruits, slight citrus with notes of roasted malt. The bitterness continues to the finish but with the fruity textures linger and balance it off. I tried this beer in The Chanter and it is the first of 32 new beers on my list of 32 Things. It’s an enjoyable wee pint although not one I would choose again, the bitterness be it balanced perfectly with fruity edge just was not for me. Do not let this put you off I am hard to please with craft beers, there have been very few that I have actually really enjoyed.

Sharps Doom Bar has received numerous awards and boasts being the largest brewer of cask conditioned beer in the South West. It is one to try

  • Regional winner of the Morning Advertiser ‘Great British Pub Supplier Award’, 2009 and 2010
  • International Beer Challenge World Top 50 Beer 2006
  • Bronze medal winner, Publican Licensees Choice Awards, 2010
  • International Beer Challenge 2011, Bronze
  • International Beer Challenge 2012, Bronze
  • PMA Publican’s Choice Award – National Cask Ale brand 2013
  • Taste of the West Award 2013, Bronze
  • Brussels Beer Challenge 2013 – Pale & Amber Ale : Bitter, Bronze

Beer # 1


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